DIY Flyscreens & Bug Screens

We specialise in DIY Flyscreens for windows and doors and as all our flyscreens are made to measure we can provide flyscreens for large jobs such as outdoor patios right down to small jobs such as pet doors.

Odd-sized windows and unusual window surrounds in old houses led Joe and Bev to change their way of thinking about fly screens.

Unable to fit rigid flyscreens to the windows in their older house, they decided to try using VELCRO® hook and loop tape to attach their flyscreens. Bev wanted something that could be fitted by anyone without the need for power tools. She also wanted a screen that could easily be removed for cleaning and stored away in winter. Like many people with time restrictions, neither of them wished to wait in for tradesmen to measure and fit the screens.

So with Joe’s background in carpentry and building, and Bev’s business management skills, they developed their SoftScreens business to solve their own needs and make their screens available to everyone.

From it’s beginnings in 2004, SoftScreens have steadily grown and our products are now supplied to customers in Europe, U.S.A, the Middle East, Africa, New Zealand and many Pacific countries. Our range of screens now include Pet/Paw Proof mesh and MiniWeave fine mesh to keep out the smallest midges, sandflies etc. Because the VELCRO® tape seals all-round it also keeps cockroaches, spiders and crawling insects out.

Measuring is simple, just put a measuring tape across the window opening, width and drop, and read off the measurements. The screens are sent by Parcel Post Plus or Courier so there is no time loss. Those in the remotest locations can now screen their windows themselves. Easy-fix instructions come with your screens. We have tested our screens using more than 6000 pull-aparts with no sign of breakdown. The operating temperature range of the adhesive is -28deg C to +110deg C.

Once we have your measurements, we add on 12mm all around for the sew-on VELCRO loop tape, the screens are then cut to size and finished with a trimming tape. A VELCRO® hook tape is applied to the window surround and the flyscreen is attached to it. The screens are double stitched for durability and strength.

The flyscreen can be made to fit most window styles, sizes and shapes. Because the screen is “soft” it can be made to fit almost anywhere taking care of irregularities in window sizes and shapes.

SoftScreens are designed for super easy fitting. We say that its uses are as creative as its user because of the flexibility of the SoftScreen. From order to delivery takes approximately 5 working days.

SoftScreens can be contacted on (02) 4233 2696 or 0403 581 981 for further details, or by email at