Flyscreen FAQ

Q. Do SoftScreens shrink or stretch when in position?
A. SoftScreens are made with PVC coated fibreglass mesh which will not rust, rot, shrink or stain.
Q. Are the screens fixed to the frame with magnets?
A. SoftScreens use VELCRO® brand hook & loop tape to fix the screens and this is non-snag with clothing. We believe credit/debit cards and certain electronic components could be corrupted in the vicinity of a magnetic field.
Q. Can SoftScreens be fitted into the window area but not on the face of the frame?
A. SoftScreens can be fitted in between the window reveals using our Box-Top method.
Q. Are the screens for inside use only?
A. SoftScreens can be fitted both internally and externally.
Q. Can the screens be removed for cleaning and winter storage?
A. Our screens can be easily taken off for cleaning and storage and are very easily re-fitted.
Q. I’m not great at doing practical things, are the screens hard to put up?
A. SoftScreens come in a parcel with all components including cleaning pads and very easy to follow instructions. Our fixing system was thought up to be easy to use for everyone.
Q. I’m renting my place, can I remove the adhesive backed tape from the window frame when I have to move?
A. The VELCRO® company recommend a citrus based adhesive remover. We find the Planet Ark ‘Orange Power’ Sticky Spot & Goo Dissolver is excellent and also removes any residue. It is available in most supermarkets. For other eco friendly products visit www.orangepower.com.au.
Q. They seem a great idea but are the screens only suitable for windows?
A. Our solution for door openings are called Easi-Door screens and are excellent for single and multiple openings The screens are also ideal for patio and verandahs.