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Soft Screens insect screens and window fly screens are strong and durable and can last a lifetime. The Easi-Door is made using two separate screens which overlap in the centre (or wherever you wish) and are held closed with Velcro® brand tabs. The Velcro® brand closing tabs do not snag or catch clothing in any way,our own Easi-Door screens have been in use for years with no such problem. We initially tested magnetic closers but found them unsuitable in certain wind conditions. We were also reluctant to use strong magnets because of possible corruption of cards with magnetic stripes ie; credit/debit cards in pockets or bags. The screens are attached to the top and both sides of the frame with Velcro® brand self-adhesive tape and with an overlap of approximately 150mm. We don’t recommend attaching the screens at the bottom because the tape will gather dust etc. Instead of bottom fastening we leave the screens longer than the frame so they sweep the floor, this makes the screen easier to walk through and also stops crawling insects. The leaves of the screen close together behind you and the tabs catch and grip each other. The Easi-Door has a degree of adjustment built in as not all door frames are parallel, so your measurements don’t have to be exact.The Easi-Doors have been tested through storms and high winds and passed with flying colours. They don’t blow off or blow apart! Our Easi-Door screens are best quality, sturdy, PVC Coated Fibreglass, custom made for all door sizes and are not those commonly advertised in the mass media.

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tes2Hi Bev Many thanks for the easi door screen which we ordered for our difficult situation. The screen is working well and we are thrilled to be able to open the back door to let in some fresh air without the mossies and flies. Jenny Lamb —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- tes3Hello Joe Just wanted to let you know we have installed your softscreen Easi-Door and we are delighted at the freedom of being able to keep our doors open now without 200 blowies following in. We will be ordering window screens from you soon and will be telling our friends how great your service of supply was and how very happy we are with your product. PS You can use our comments for your testimonial page on your website should you wish to use it. Barbra and Mark.   —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- tes1Dear Bev and Joe, My wife and I bought an Easi- Door soft screen from you earlier this year and I’m just emailing to tell that it’s been great for our purposes. We live in a small apartment and space is limited so we didn’t want to fit a screen door to the back door of the apartment as there isn’t really room for it to open inwards or outwards. The softscreen is perfect, it allows us to have ventilation at night without pesky mosquitoes coming into the apartment and keeping us awake. We use it every night and find it’s very easy to put up and take down. Thank you so much. Michael & Gail.